Friday, 23 October 2020

O is for Old Folk

                                                              Alphabet Challenge.

We are a  two - weekly challenge blog.
                           During this dreadful time of the pandemic, our thoughts are with all                                       of our visitors and players, please stay safe and well.
           We plan on continuing as normal, so please join us in enjoying crafting.
                      We are returning this week with news  of our next challenge
                  but first our thanks to those of you who joined us
         for our last theme,  N - Navy Blue as the Dominant Colour , chosen byDebbie
who has also chosen our Wall of Fame Winner and the Top 3 Winners.
                         We  were thrilled, and overwhelmed to have so many of your 
                      amazing and fantastic entries which inspired us. So nice to know there are so many of you taking the time to create and enter our challenge.
    Exciting news--- see the page above, on the tab bar
  Winner for the 


#7 Helen

Our Top 3 Winners
(in numerical order)

#5 Tworcze Danki

#9 Colien

#12 Mary Marsh

Congratulations to all of our winners, please take a copy
          of the winner's badge and proudly display it on your blog.
On checking up on the history of our Alphabet Challenges 
I have discovered during this year 2020 we will be 
celebrating our 10th Anniversary. 
 We are thrilled to invite you to join us celebrate our
Party for our up-coming challenge on November 6th.

Dawn has chosen our letter for the letter O

Old Folk
We are greatly looking forwarad to your creations.

Let us see the inspiration from the design team. 


Billie A









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After which, we will return with our Wall of Fame winner and
the Top 3 Winners, along with our next challenge, letter P - PARTY

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